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Over the years, CFCF, the Guangzhou Social (Children) Welfare Institute and the Guangzhou Nursing House For People With Disabilities have jointly received many volunteers' support, input and care. As a result, the orphans in the two institutes have enjoyed a lot of joy and warmness. In the past volunteers regularly visited the institutes and brought them out for activities, in which way the children could broaden their horizons and learn the outside world.

If you are interested in attending, please pay attention to and obey the following points:

1. You must wear a volunteer badge/CFCF label, and serve within the predetermined range.

2. Do not carry any camera. Do not take photos.

3. For each participant, please kindly make donation in order to cover the expenses (the fees include two-way transportation between the institute and Shenzhen, and also the lunch)

4. On the day of visit, we will gather at 7:30am at the Sheung Shui Railway Station platform (to the direction of Lok Ma Chau, the 6th Block, near Customer Service Centre). After calling the roll, the volunteer leader will lead the team to the Shenzhen Lok Ma Chau Port and take a shuttle bus from Lok Ma Chau to the Welfare Institute/Nursing House in Guangzhou (arrived at about 10:30am). We will leave at about 4:00pm, and expected to return to Shenzhen Lok Ma Chau Port at 6:00pm, where the team will be dismissed.

Note: Participants of the Christmas event in December will be required to pay HK$100 per person as the fund for the event (including food, drinks and gifts for orphans)

How to apply: Please call 2681 2659 and register with the staff during office hours at least one week before the visit.

Information to collect: Chinese and English names, HKID number and date of birth for insurance arrangement (The quota per visit is about 40, first come first served).

Payment method:

The participation fee must be deposited into the following bank before registration. Fax the receipt to 2338 1340 and call 2681 2659 to register and confirm with our staff.

Bank account is as follows: Caring For Children Foundation Limited

- HSBC: 138-9-026137 or

- Bank of China: 031-351-1-092088-5

Note: For donations of $100 or more, you can apply for a tax deduction with the official receipt.

Application form of "Volunteer Comprehensive Visit"

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