Care for Hong Kong

In 2019, Caring for Children Foundation (CFCF) continues to serve the children in need with love and care. One of our new campaigns "Care for Hong Kong" aims to improve the living quality and mental well-being of the deprived children living in sub-divided flats.

Through collaborating with various social welfare agencies, CFCF launched educational workshops and social activities for underprivileged children, such as "Creative Hearts", "Small Mind, Big Leader", "Wishing Table" and "Computer Donation Project" etc. Our ultimate goal is to widen these children's exposure to the beauty of this world, allowing them to discover their potentials.

Small Mind, Big Leader

At the end of 2019, CFCF launched "Small Mind, Big Leader" – a project branched from Care for Hong Kong initiative. As the subject suggested, it is targeted to 8 to 10 years old children who lived in sub-divided flats. Through regular educational sessions and activities, we encourage children to come up with different tasks and lead our mentors to solve it. We hope to foster a correct moral value and instil a compassionate mind set in them.

CFCF aims to boost the children's confidence in optimizing their self-development, as well as enhancing their communication and interpersonal skills. Ultimately, we hope to groom the children such that when they grow up, they can take the lead to passing on our give to the next generation.

Computer Donation Project

With the rising trend of online learnings in schools, it becomes more vital for students to learn and broaden their horizons through the internet. Yet, it may not be the case for students in the grassroots, especially when they may need to share a second-hand computer with their siblings, or simply complete the online tutorials with their parents' mobile phones. CFCF has launched the "Small Mind, Big Leader – Computer Donation Project" since 2021 to encourage institutions and commercial organizations donating second-hand computers. It does not only give a new life to these computers but also benefit the students at the grassroots to connect with the outside world and develop their potentials. More than 750 second-hand computers have been collected, refurbished and donated to the students at the grassroots in just two years.

Wishing Table

CFCF understands the importance of a healthy development in deprived children mental well being as well as living quality. With this in mind, we have partnered with Pricerite HK to bespoke a Wishing Table which included the elements of Eat, Educate and Leisure. This petite yet fully functional table could allow children to dine, revise and conduct simple parent-child games despite the space limitation. Through this give-out, we aim to strengthen their communication with parents whilst inject a dose of positivity and playfulness to their living environment.

Connect with old folks-at-home

Recent years have witnessed the problem of ageing population which is forecasted to be worsening in the next decade. The elderly people living alone or elderly doubletons lack attention from their families and often feel lonely and isolated in the community. The social distancing measures under the pandemic has worsened the situation, having an adverse impact on the well-being of these singleton elderly.

Caring For Children Foundation ("CFCF") has launched the campaign of "Care for Hong Kong, Connect with old folks-at-home", regularly arranging volunteers to accompany these elderly at the grassroots to participate in various kinds of activities, such as watching movies, eating dim sum, going to exhibitions and so on. With the objective of widening the elders' social network and facilitating them to integrate into the community, we hope these elderly people could feel the care and support while keeping a positive outlook in life.

Hearts Against Virus

In late January 2020, Hong Kong suffered from COVID-19 outbreak. CFCF continues to support and give back to our community. We have organised "Hearts Against Virus" action to alleviate patients, elderly and families living in subdivided flats from the urgency of limited access to personal protective gears. Until now, CFCF has donated more than 1.12 million of masks and 14.5 thousand sanitising packages, thousands people have been benefited.

"Lip-reading friendly" medical mask

Wearing mask has become part of our everyday life. However, the hit of COVID-19 has created a significant challenge to the deaf and hard-of hearing community as the medical masks can be an obstacle when it comes to verbal communications. CFCF has launched the first Hong Kong's "lip-reading friendly" medical mask and the first kid version in Asia since 2020 and 2022. The transparent film which forms the anti-fog clear window allows the mask to be qualified for medical use. It also enables people with hearing disabilities to see the smiles and feelings in their communication. The "lip-reading friendly" medical mask has received tremendous support and recognition from society. In March 2022, Caring For Children Foundation was awarded three "2021 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare" by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, including (1) Outstanding Social Service Award, (2) Service Delivery Award (Innovative Ideas) and (3) Thematic Award (Social Service under the Pandemic), in recognition of CFCF's contribution in social welfare.

Care for Hong Kong, Share a Meal with Love

COVID-19 pandemic has pushed Hong Kong into a devastating recession. As more businesses are forced to temporarily or permanently closed, the unemployment rate is skyrocketing. Furloughed grassroots encounter huge challenge securing even just their daily needs.

To lend a hand to the struggling group, CFCF launched the project "Care for Hong Kong, Share a Meal with Love" in late April, which involves delivering meal boxes to the unemployed and low income families from different regions of Hong Kong. Meal boxes are distributed mainly in Prince Edward, To Kwa Wan, Kwun Tong, Jordan and North Point, which has a higher ratio of grassroots.

Besides, this project sources the meal boxes via local smaller food vendors, whom businesses are badly affected due to COVID-19 outbreak. Through this partnership we are providing almost 5 thousand meal boxes to those in need monthly and continue to support the reopening of the economy.

Supporting Elderly Homes and Schools in Action

The 5th wave of pandemic hit Hong Kong seriously in mid-February of 2022, especially for the elderly's homes. In March, with the help of over a hundred of volunteers, CFCF launched the project of "Supporting Elderly Homes and Schools in Action" which solved the problem of lacking necessities and personal protective materials faced by over 200 elderly homes and 140 schools by purchasing and donating resources to them such as protective clothing, N95 masks, face shields, medical gloves, disinfectant alcohol wipes, rapid test kits, blood oxygen detector, etc.