Caring For Children Foundation (CFCF) is registered as a Hong Kong non-profit charitable organization in January 1994 (Charity Tax Registration No.: 91/3922).

Our mission is to benefit children and those in need with a loving heart. CFCF's core programmes include: "Care for Hong Kong, Together We Stand" to provide life enrichment program for vulnerable children who lives in Hong Kong subdivided flats, "Healthy Hong Kong" to provide free traditional Chinese medication, "Rehabilitation Program" for children with disabilities, "Education Program" for rural children, and "Disaster Relief Program" to help people affected to rebuild their homes . For more than 28 years, we have penetrated more than 780,000 people and donated more than 150 million Hong Kong dollars. We spare no effort to make good use of every single dollar of donation, so as to enable the children and the needy who suffer from poverty, loneliness and disability to get more opportunities to thrive!

In order to face the emerging needs in Hong Kong society recently, CFCF assisted in setting up a new non-governmental organization: Healthy Hong Kong (HHK) in 2015. The core principle of HHK is benevolence (仁) and this principle guides and informs the work in caring for the health and well-being of people in Hong Kong. HHK established HHK Chinese Medicine Centre to provide free traditional Chinese medicine treatment sessions and other services to the elderly and those in need. All consultations and treatments are provided by new generation of Hong Kong-registered Chinese Medicine practitioners who is provided with a platform to accumulate their clinical experience. Since its establishment, HHK has provided free traditional Chinese medicine treatment and other services to more than 10,000 people in Hong Kong every year.

"Care for Hong Kong, Together We Stand"

In 2019, Caring for Children Foundation continues to serve the underprivileged children and deprived families with love and care. One of the key projects is "Care for Hong Kong, Together We Stand". This project aims to improve the living quality and mental health of vulnerable children who lives in subdivided flats. Through collaborations with a variety of social welfare organizations, CFCF launched educational workshops and social activities for underprivileged children, such as "Creative Hearts", "Small Mind, Big Leader", "Wishing Table" and "Computer Donation Project" etc. While these children can take a break from their living environment, it also widen their exposure to the beauty of this world. These meaningful connections and experiences can possibly be the key to discovering their potentials.

In late January 2020, Hong Kong suffered from COVID-19 outbreak. CFCF continues to support and give back to our community. We have organised "Hearts Against Virus" action to alleviate patients, elderly and families living in subdivided flats from the urgency of limited access to personal protective materials. Until now, CFCF has donated more than 1.12 million of masks and 14.5 thousand sanitising packages with thousands people of benefited. Moreover, to lend a hand to the struggling group, CFCF launched the project "Care for Hong Kong, Share a Meal with Love" in April, which involves delivering meal boxes to the unemployed and low income families from different regions of Hong Kong. This project sources the meal boxes via local smaller food vendors whose businesses are badly affected due to COVID-19 outbreak. The 5th wave of pandemic hit Hong Kong seriously in mid-February of 2022. CFCF collaborated with the media to handle enquiries of local citizens in the campaign of "Against The Clock, Against the Virus", visiting their homes and distributing over 800 packages of necessities. In March, CFCF also launched the project of "Supporting Elderly Homes and Schools in Action" which solved the problem of lacking necessities and personal protective materials faced by over 200 elderly homes and 140 schools by collecting and donating resources to them.

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