Caring For Children Foundation (CFCF) is a registered Hong Kong non-profit charitable organization established in January 1994 (Charity Tax Registration No.: 91/3922).

Our mission is to benefit children and those in need with a loving heart. CFCF's core programs include: 1) "Care for Hong Kong, Together We Stand" program provides life enrichment program for vulnerable children who live in Hong Kong subdivided flats, 2) "Rehabilitation Program" is aimed to assist SEN kids and children with disabilities, 3) "Healthy Hong Kong" provides free traditional Chinese medical services , 4) "Education Program" supports rural children, and 5) "Disaster Relief Program" help those people affected by natural disasters to rebuild their homes. In the past 30 years, CFCF has provided assistance to more than 600,000 people and donated more than 150 million Hong Kong dollars to the community. We spare no effort to make good use of every dollar of donation, our work has helped children and the disenfranchised living in poverty, loneliness and disability to have access to opportunities to thrive.

In response to the emerging needs in the community, CFCF helped set up a non-governmental organization: Healthy Hong Kong (HHK) in 2015. The core principle of HHK is benevolence (仁) and this principle guides and informs the work in caring for the health and well-being of people in Hong Kong. HHK established HHK Chinese Medicine Centre to provide free traditional Chinese medicine treatment sessions and other services to the elderly and those in need. All consultations and treatments are provided by a new generation of Hong Kong-registered Chinese Medicine practitioners, while the practitioners enjoy a platform to accumulate their clinical experience. Since its establishment, HHK has provided free traditional Chinese medicine treatments and other services to more than 10,000 people in Hong Kong each year.

"Care for Hong Kong, Together We Stand"

In 2019, Caring for Children Foundation stepped up efforts to provide services for the underprivileged children and families with one of their key projects, "Care for Hong Kong, Together We Stand". This project aims to improve the living quality and mental health of vulnerable children who lives in subdivided flats. Through collaborations with a variety of social welfare organizations, CFCF launched a series of programs; "Small Mind, Big Leader", "Small Mind, Big Leader X Computer Donation Project", "Care for Hong Kong, Share a Meal with Love", "Wishing Table", "Hearts Against Virus", "Supporting Elderly Homes and Schools in Action" and more.

In 2020, Hong Kong with the rest of the world suffered from the COVID-19 outbreak. CFCF continued with its work in support and giving back to our Hong Kong community. We had organized several ad-hoc projects to provide immediate support to the underprivileged groups.

These projects include:

  • "Hearts Against Virus" action to alleviate the hardships of the patients, the elderly and families living in subdivided flats to meet the urgency of having limited access to personal protective materials;
  • "Care for Hong Kong, Share a Meal with Love", set to deliver meal boxes to the unemployed and low income families from different regions of Hong Kong;
  • "Supporting Elderly Homes and Schools in Action" aimed to solve the problem of lacking necessities and personal protective materials;
  • in the campaign of "Against The Clock, Against the Virus", CFCF initiated close working relationships with the media to handle urgent enquiries of local citizens and to visit their homes and distribute necessities.
  • Furthermore, CFCF has launched the first in Asia "kid lip-reading friendly" medical masks and the first in Hong Kong "adult lip-reading friendly" medical masks in order to support the deaf & hard-of-hearing community to solve communication barrier and enhance social inclusion. The mask was widely recognized and received 3 awards from "2021 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare" organized by HKCSS.

During three years of Covid-19 pandemic, CFCF and HHK had supported over 245,000 people, over 385 elderly homes and schools, and we have donated more than 1.13 million of masks and 320,000 sanitising packages, as well as served 17,000 patients.

From 2023 onwards , CFCF provides a free service "TCM Acupuncture Treatment for Autistic Children" for Hong Kong grassroots autistic children through its newly launched "Community Med Care Clinic". CFCF will continue to serve the underprivileged children and families through the regular projects such as "Care for Hong Kong", "Small Mind, Big Leader" Mentorship Program, "Small Mind, Big Leader X Computer Donation Project", "Caring Gift Pack" and the "Connect with old folks-at-home". The latter program aims to serve the elderly people living alone or elderly couples who lack attention from their families.

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