Foster Care Program

Many poor areas in China have been increasing their numbers of orphans and disabled children due to natural disasters and lack of medical treatment. Through this program, we have been seeking for proper families for the orphans and let them grow up healthily. Since the establishment of the "Foster Care Program" in poverty-stricken rural areas in Yunnan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces in 1998, the program has raised more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars, taking care of the basic life of 8777 orphans. By nurturing orphaned children in relatives' families, we aim to help them alleviate the pain of losing their parents and later integrate into the society.

CFCF subsidizes 400 orphans each year with 100 yuan per month. It provides all-round care services including a foster home for the orphans, schooling opportunities, living allowances, and emergency medical subsidies, which enable the orphans to grow healthily, further integrate into the society and give back to the society.

Subsidizing items include the following:

Living allowance: basic living allowance for the adoptive families;

Study allowance: secure the learning opportunity of the orphans;

Medical allowance: prepare for their medical and emergency expenses;

Special subsidies: emergency allowances during disasters and special holiday gifts.

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