Education Program

Education Program is dedicated to helping tens of thousands of children in poverty-stricken areas and minority areas to go to school, build their school infrastructures, improve education quality, and so on. Children are masters of the future. Through this project, we directly help the most needy primary and secondary school students in China's poorest mountainous areas by providing them with opportunities to continue and successfully complete studies. We encourage students to work hard and change their destiny, utilizing their knowledge to become the talents of the society. Ultimately, this new generation will change the look of the impoverished mountainous areas totally.

Since 1995, CFCF has invested HK$43 million to fund more than 130,000 students. Our service areas include Guangxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Hebei, Hubei, and Anhui.

CFCF Minority Girls Class

It is difficult for minority girls in poor mountainous areas to gain access to secondary education due to the poor natural environment, patriarchal attitudes and excessive population growth. To cope with the social issue, CFCF started a Girls Class in Rongshui County, Guangxi, serving junior high school girls with reasonable academic background and ability, but economic difficulties.

Since 1997, 22 "CFCF Minority Girls Classes" have been launched in Rongshui County National High School, supporting 60 girls per class in 3 consecutive years, so they can graduate from senior high school. Many girls have thus gone out of the mountains, becoming outstanding talents and rewriting their destiny. At the same time, their public awareness is improved during the assisting process. Moreover, as girls are mothers of the future, this project has educated a generation of mothers and laid the foundation for the next generation. Each girl is funded with HK$1,200 per year (including education and living allowances).

CFCF Pillar Class

Although primary school students and junior high school students have benefited from the policy of "Two Exemptions, One Supplement", which enabled many out-of-school children in the west to enjoy nine years of free education, however, when entering the high school stage, some poor families are still unable to bear the expenses for study and living, and their children with special difficulties cannot attend senior high school. In order to alleviate the economic pressure of senior high school students from poor families, CFCF has launched 27 "CFCF Pillar Classes" since 2006. A total of 1611 students have been funded by CFCF 3-year subsidy scheme, and the amount of subsidies has exceeded 4.96 million yuan. Knowledge is the ultimate wealth, enabling them to improve their economic situation and get rid of poverty. One year's tuition and living allowance for a distressed student is HK$1,200.

The CFCF funding model has changed the past passive support for recipient students. Aided students need to participate in charitable and social practice activities to enhance self-help, social interaction, organization and leadership skills, so that they will become qualified and applicable talents for the society. Through the implementation of the project, the concept of charity has been widely disseminated. The students have received economic help, improved their nutritional status, reduced the family's economic burden, been able to concentrate on study, and even cultivated a sense of charity.

CFCF Forest Class (Sponsored by Rainforest Educational Fund)

In 2004, the Rainforest Educational Fund began cooperation with CFCF, which was the first time for CFCF to cooperate with other charities and manage projects in the long term. During the 15 years since its implementation, 45 "CFCF Forest Classes" have been established thanks to a total donation of HK$7.28 million. Nearly 10,000 students have received the benefits, and 85% of high school graduates have been admitted to universities. In recent years, CFCF has engaged in more projects from different foundations. From original development to implementation, CFCF has assisted in supervising and reporting.

CFCF Book Corner

Setting up a class book corner in the mountainous elementary school can help students expand their knowledge and improve their comprehensive qualities. Since 2010, CFCF has implemented a "CFCF Book Corner" project in 210 classes in more than 30 schools (primary schools and kindergartens) in Guangxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Gansu and Chongqing. 20 new book corners has been built up each year, with 200 extracurricular books in each. Every book corner is valued at 3,000 yuan (about HK$3,600).

Gansu Huining County Chi Hong Primary School Scholarship

The establishment of the CFCF Chi Hong Scholarship (sponsored by Chi Hong Charitable Foundation) in Huining County, Gansu Province in 2004 filled the blank of long-term scholarship program in this county. 11 teachers and 30 students have been awarded with a total amount of 10,000 yuan per year in the past continuous 15 years.

Constructions of Schools

Since 1995, CFCF has reconstructed and renovated about 73 schools in poverty-stricken mountainous areas and rural areas in eight provinces (Guizhou, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi, Gansu, Shaanxi, Yunnan, and Anhui).

Art for Children Program

Since 2013, we have focused on the problem of "left-behind children" in rural areas (children living in rural areas without parental care). The program aims to improve their physical and mental health.

Natural Education Project

Mazui Primary School (2015-2019)

The project was launched in Nanchuan District, Chongqing in 2015, with the Mazui Primary School as a pilot, in order to enhance the rural school teachers' ability and enrich the school life of the left-behind children. The project emphasized experiential learning, and combined environmental protection, rational use of resources, peasant economic income, and community development to establish a sustainable model for left-behind children to improve their self-esteem, interpersonal communication and collaboration, and hands-on skills. In the early stage of the project, 600 rural children who were mainly left-behind children were directly benefited. After the model becomes mature, it is now promoted in boarding schools of the whole district. The annual funding amount is 220,000 yuan.

Project Video (only available in Chinese)

Natural Art Education Project

Sanquan Town Central Primary School (2016-2019)

The spiritual power of art is critical for people in poor areas, especially for children, because it helps children build confidence and broaden their horizons. Many precedents in the world have proven that art can help overcome poverty.

Currently, spiritual poverty has replaced material poverty to become a main problem faced by most rural children in China. To cope with the lack of art teachers in the majority of rural primary schools, CFCF initiated the Art for Children Program to recruit volunteers and train local teachers, cultivating their art sentiment so that they can train up future artistic talents. We hold the belief that everyone can be a teacher of art.

The project is currently being piloted at the Sanquan Town Central Primary School in Nanchuan District, Chongqing. It is funded by 240,000 yuan per year and benefits more than 600 rural students.

Project Video (only available in Chinese)

Photography Project

As one of the many art forms, photography plays a significant role in improving children's ability of observation, imagination, creativity and expression. It has an irreplaceable role in the cultivation of children's exploration spirit. At the same time, with a relatively low operation threshold, it is easy to be promoted in rural schools where art education resources are scarce.

Dongsheng Primary School (2017-2020)

Utilizing many years of experience in supporting children's photography in the Sichuan disaster area, CFCF took Dongsheng Primary School in Nanchuan District of Chongqing as a pilot, and explored the landing of photography art in rural schools by providing project equipment, funds and training resources free of charge. With this starting point, we hope that in the future, the art of photography will enter the life of more rural children, and accompany them to grow up optimistically, confidently and smoothly. The Dongsheng Primary School project has an annual funding of 200,000 yuan and a cycle of three years. It provides a photography class for 650 children every week. The number of benefited students in the near future will exceed 1,000.

Project Video (only available in Chinese)

Minzhu Town Central Primary School, Qingyuan Town Central Primary School, Zhongqiao Town Central Primary School

The project at Dongsheng Primary School in Nanchuan District of Chongqing City has learned from CFCF's prior experience in Sichuan and Nanchuan, Chongqing, and its curriculum development has been ideal. In the year of 2018, CFCF extended the Photography Project to the other three mountainous primary schools, allowing all the third to sixth grade children to have regular photography classes every week. About 900 students have benefited from it.

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