Disaster Relief Program

When a natural disaster occurs in the mainland, CFCF often launches different disaster relief projects to provide emergency supplies such as tents and quilts for the victims, to assist the disaster areas to rebuild dangerous houses and public infrastructure such as hospitals, schools and kindergartens, and to provide free rehabilitation treatment services for disaster victims. These treatments help the victims to resume their productive capacity, rebuild their homes and return to society as soon as possible. We also pay attention to the long-term physical and mental health development of children in disaster areas by providing art training and companionship.

The service areas include Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong, Hunan, Gansu, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Hebei, Anhui, Qinghai etc. The total amount of subsidies exceeds HK$57 million, benefiting more than 100,000 victims.

Whether it is the 1994 Southern China Flood, the 1998 Zhangbei Earthquake, the 2008 Chinese Winter Storm, the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, the 2010 Yushu Earthquake, or the 2014 Yunnan Ludian Earthquake, CFCF always respond and provide appropriate support according to the disaster situation.

During the 5.12 earthquake rescue in 2008, according to our many years of disaster relief experience, CFCF entered the disaster area during the disaster resettlement stage instead of the emergency rescue stage, since many service providers or voluntary organizations support. Hence, we could concentrate funds and manpower, and played a vital role in the weak links of the disaster area.

Disaster relief work in Sichuan Earthquake

After the Sichuan Earthquake, we received a total donation of HK$36.8 million in Hong Kong. Immediately, we launched an "emergency rescue", a three-year "community redevelopment" and an eight-year "earthquake rehabilitation" project.

For the "emergency rescue" project, we donated 1,915 relief tents and 6,900 quilts through the "Blessing Tent Fundraising Action" and the "Sichuan Warming Action", and more than 20,000 people benefited.

In respect of "community redevelopment", we built and reconstructed eight kindergartens, one school, one health center, one village activity center and disaster prevention plaza, a number of roads, bridge repairs through the "Dakang Town Community Reconstruction Project". More than ten thousand villagers benefited from it.

For the rehabilitation service, the "512 Earthquake Rescue Rehabilitation Project" and the "512 Earthquake Victims Surgery Project" were established. Six rehabilitation centers were set up in the hardest hit areas to treat nearly 1,700 injuries and conduct 4,000 injury check. As a result, Mianzhu People's Hospital Rehabilitation Division, which catered for the largest number of injuries in Sichuan, has become the largest and most advanced rescue department in Sichuan. In 2011, CFCF was awarded the "Most Influential Project Award" of the 7th China Charity Award, which was the highest award in the Chinese government's charity field, for mobilizing professional volunteers (rehabilitation physicians), staying in the disaster zone for the longest time, single civil society to treat the most injuries and the least cost per capita. CFCF also received the "Special Award of the Jury" of the "2011 National Disaster Relief Award" from the One Foundation.

"Sichuan Earthquake 10th Anniversary" highlight video

Yunnan Earthquake Rehabilitation Project

Launched in September 2014 in the earthquake-stricken area of Ludian, Yunnan Province, the project replicated the model of rehabilitation treatment in the disaster area after the Wenchuan earthquake, organized professional rehabilitation personnel to stay in the disaster area for a long time, donated rehabilitation equipment to the primary medical institutions according to the needs of the injured and users. The project has effectively improved the rehabilitation knowledge, technology and management level of the rehabilitation department, as well as all the staff of Ludian County People's Hospital.

In January 2017, the second phase of the project, Zhaotong District Rehabilitation Care Talent Training Program, was officially launched. Up to now, it has continued providing 12 rehabilitation medical management and technical training for at least 40 employees in rehabilitation institutions in Zhaotong and surrounding areas of Yunnan. The project has raised over RMB 1 million in three years and provided rehabilitation service for over 1,000 injured people. More importantly, it has improved the quality of rehabilitation services and promoted the emergence of the local rehabilitation association.

Photography for Children Program

In order to alleviate the psychological trauma of school children in the earthquake-stricken areas and improve the resilience, and record the changes in the disaster area after the earthquake through the eyes of children, CFCF carried out art courses in the form of embedded projects, and collected hundreds of second-hand cameras for Beichuan County, Sichuan Province in five consecutive years. Then we funded and organized a team of Hong Kong professional photography volunteers to go to Beichuan to provide photography training for thousands of children in troubled areas. Through the filming, the children not only demonstrated the pictures and scenes of their hometown reconstruction after the disaster, but also cultivated a pair of eyes to discover beauty in ordinary life.

Since 2016, Photography for Children Program has operated regularly. In addition to the intensive training during the growth camp, two photography trainings have been conducted for Beichuan children in distress every month for three years. The annual funding amount is 210,000 yuan, and about 300 rural children in Sichuan Province directly benefited.

Artistes Care Yushu Children Welfare School

On April 14, 2010, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred in Yushu, Qinghai. There were 4,814 orphans before the earthquake, but only 4 orphanages in the local area. The "Artistes 414 Fund Raising Campaign" by Hong Kong entertainment industry donated 10 million yuan through CFCF to rebuild the "Yushu County Orphanage". In 2014, the orphanage expanded its service coverage to disabled children and other underprivileged groups, and the name changed to "Artistes Care Yushu Children Welfare School".

The "Golf Care Campaign" also funded the Qinghai project, including the construction of a multi-purpose library and audio-visual rooms, the purchase of 26 seater school bus and pickup truck. A total of 457,000 yuan was donated.

Since 2016, CFCF started funding the Thangka production and English language training for children in the welfare school. It aims to train a group of students who inherit and spread Thangka art, help them grow up and become self-sufficient to integrate into society. This is not only in response to the government's economic development direction, but will also help to solve the future employment issue of the children in the welfare school.