Rehabilitation Program

In 1994, CFCF set up the "Rehabilitation Program". The "Children Comprehensive Rehabilitation Plan" has been implemented in the Guangzhou Social (Children) Welfare Institute and the Guangzhou Nursing House For People With Disabilities, accumulating more than HK$10 million funds and benefiting more than 10,000 people. Through this program, we assist disabled people to become self-reliant and train rehabilitation professionals, as well as paying more attention to the improvement of their spiritual lives.

CFCF continues to expand the services since establishment. In 2023, CFCF follows the original intention of the "Rehabilitation Program" and collaborates with "Community Med Care Clinic" to establish the "Children Rehabilitation Centre". It targets to serve 8,000 persons a year.

Hong Kong Service

Children Rehabilitation Centre

CFCF joined hands with "Community Med Care Clinic" in July 2023 to establish the "Children Rehabilitation Centre" and launched a free service "TCM Acupuncture Treatment for Autistic Children" for Hong Kong grassroots autistic children with the seeding fund from Wai Yin Association. CFCF is also able to provide support to the carers (parents) by teaching how to use acupoints, pain points, and massage techniques for children through daily care. Daily care that assists treatment improve the symptoms of autistic children. Through activities focused on the carers community, CFCF aims to provide greater support to carers who may experience stress and anxiety brought on by caring for children with autism. A support and resources network will help carers with latest information, access to social workers and other professionals and parents creating more avenues of support.

All eligible applicants for the "TCM Acupuncture Treatment for Autistic Children Program" must be referred and assisted by social workers or representatives from CFCF's designated NGOs. The inquiry hotline of the designated NGOs are as follows:

1) RCC Neighborhood Center (Kwai Fong District) 8204 5622

2) H.K.S.K.H. Lady MacLehose Centre (Kwai Chung District) 2616 0766 / 2242 5068

3) Christian & Missionary Alliance Grace & Joy Church (North Point District) 3464 0495

4) Heep Hong Society (Prince Edward District) 2788 1289

Mainland China Service - Guangzhou Social (Children) Welfare Institute and the Guangzhou Nursing House For People With Disabilities

Volunteer Comprehensive Visit

CFCF's Volunteer Comprehensive Visits have been held regularly till today. About 1,500 people in the two institutes are benefited each year. Through the visitation activities, more members of the public can participate in social welfare activities, giving disabled people and orphans more care and joy, and feeling the love from them. CFCF also sponsored Guangzhou Nursing House For People With Disabilities to carry out thematic and large-scale activities. These projects have greatly enriched the daily life of the residents and truly benefit the disabled.

Visit details & arrangement

Special Education and Rehabilitation Professional Training

Since 1994, CFCF has been conducting prosthetic orthopaedic services, orthopaedic training, rehabilitation of disabled children and special education staff training, guided education and special education in the Social Welfare Institute. This project provided professional services for the two institutes, including rehabilitation services and special education staff training. It also arranged for orthopaedic specialists to assess the needs of individual cases and assist in medical surgery and post-operative rehabilitation. Through professional training, we recognized different special education methods to help different levels of disabled residents. In order to improve the professional skills of in-house therapists and full-time employees, thereby improving the muscle energy and quality of life of the residents, experts and therapists were invited to develop and purchase teaching materials customized for the problems of the residents.

Dental Clinic Comprehensive Services

In 1997, CFCF opened a dental clinic in the Social Welfare Institute and regularly invited Hong Kong professional volunteers to serve orphaned children. In 2014, the dental clinic was expanded to Guangzhou Nursing House For People With Disabilities, assisting the nursing house to establish an oral health care system, reducing the suffering caused by oral diseases to the residents, improving the quality of life of the residents, and expanding the volunteer group by adding domestic volunteers. The dentist is obligated monthly to provide oral examinations and treatments for the residents (including filling, cleaning, extraction, and endodontic treatment). Over the years, more than hundreds of professional volunteers have participated in the project, and hundreds of thousands of funds have been invested. CFCF has also upgraded dental facilities and improved dental services. The dental clinic of the Social Welfare Institute is equipped with X-ray equipment for easy endodontic treatment. We also arranged dental care lectures for our residents to enhance their knowledge of dental care. Volunteers also regularly purchase dental supplies, supplement dental medical materials, regularly check inventory and do the cleaning.

Vocational Skill Training

In 1998, CFCF funded the establishment of the Wong To Yick Rehabilitation Training Center to provide pre-employment training for residents who will go out to work, and to subsidize many orphans and disabled children to enter vocational schools. Now part of the family has begun to live independently.

The residents of Guangzhou Nursing House For People With Disabilities are mainly people with physical and mental disabilities. In order to improve their eye-hand coordination and working skills, CFCF assisted in the vocational training of beading. The residents can find confidence in making their own works, develop their own specialties and enrich their lives. The vocational training courses include sewing, beading, floor mop production, housekeeping, pottery, computer wording, and flower arrangement.

CFCF Art & Photography Class

In 2008, CFCF funded Guangzhou Nursing House For People With Disabilities to launch the "CFCF Art Class", in order to let the disabled to understand art, cultivate their aesthetic ability, enrich their lives, and play a role in the rehabilitation of their bodies. The professional art teacher taught painting and photography skills, and successfully held exhibitions of different works, which had won wide acclaim from different sectors of society. The Art Class has trained more than 100 disabled students, in order to improve their learning enthusiasm, build up confidence in their lives, make more people accept and care for them, and truly realize the independence and respect. A number of works have been created, and some of the participants have won outstanding rankings in the exhibitions of painting and calligraphy for the disabled throughout the country, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou.

The Photography Class was opened in 2012, and it has trained a number of students. The students can master the basic skills and functions of the camera, as well as photography techniques. Through some competitions in recent years, they have further enhanced their enthusiasm and enriched their lives. The technique of photography cultivates their aesthetic ability, enabling them to discover the beauty and get close to nature.

Community Cognitive Training

We regularly organize community awareness activities to enable the residents to gain the ability to communicate with outsiders, soothe the mood, and make the residents know more and feel more about the outside world, especially the concept of community and the human care outside.